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My 2021 Great Gift List:

Giving the gift of beauty and function is what we specialize in at Harmony Home Solutions. We can help you find functional, stylish solutions for your home. This holiday season I have created a Great Gift List of items that help make life a little more luxurious and functional this winter. Give us a call today to see how we can help you or a loved one make your home more beautiful and functional!

#1 The Tile Tracker I received this gem after I lost my keys and had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to replace my car key fob. After you purchase the tracker, you download the app and then can locate your keys, wallet, or anything else that you may be afraid of misplacing!

#2 A Pedicure or Manicure Seriously, who does not love a pedicure or manicure? Not only does it feel great, but a great pedicure can also provide some great benefits including infection prevention, exfoliation, circulatory benefits, moisturizing, and of course relaxation. For loved ones that cannot make the trip to the salon, you can purchase a kit online and take the salon to them. I did this for my grandmother years ago and I think I loved it as much as she did. It provided the opportunity for some great one on one time as well as a chance for me to care for her as she did for me many years ago.

#3 Queen Hemp CBD Products - Made and Sold Locally! Queen Hemp Delta 8 gummies can make a great stocking stuffer gift this Christmas! These gummies have 25mg of 100% Hemp-derived and federally legal cannabinoids. Organic ingredients and Vegan, safe & pesticide-free. Independent DEA certified lab verified. Quality ingredients mean a quality product made right here in Charlotte, NC, and sold locally at Mobility and More. Stop in today to purchase this great local product and to browse their wide range of medical and healthcare product options designed to promote accessibility, independence, and quality of life. Make sure to mention Harmony Home Solutions ( to receive 5% off your purchase.

#4 Slippers Slippers are wonderful in the winter months. They can keep you cozy and warm while walking around your home or even walking outside to grab the newspaper or mail. However, not all slippers are created equal. When considering which slippers to purchase, make sure that they have non-slip soles, closed backs and are adjustable (or at least provide a snug fit). These qualities will help reduce the risk of falls. If the slippers do not fit properly, have a smooth bottom or an open back, they are generally not the best type for older adults to wear. I found this pair at Nordstrom, but Amazon has many adjustable options available as well. The key is to make sure that they fit properly!

#5 A Robe In keeping with the comfy and cozy theme, a new robe can be a great gift for a loved one. However, just like slippers, not all robes are created equal. When shopping for a robe for an older adult the length is key. Not only do you want to be able to close the robe properly with a zipper or tie, but you also want the robe to be an appropriate length. If the robe and tie are too long, it can be a tripping hazard. Try to stay away from floor-length robes and long ties. Instead, select a robe and tie that is calf or knee-length. Hint - you can easily shorten the tie with a few quick stitches. That way you reduce the risk of falls and tripping while still staying cozy through the colder months. I found these two robes at Nordstrom.

#6 A Towel Rack???? We are halfway through our gift ideas, and we are changing it up a bit with a towel rack. Or is it a grab bar? This is where function and style meet. I know this seems a bit too "practical" for a gift but please stay with me. Grab bars are not just for hospitals and "nursing homes". THIS IS FOR EVERY HOME! This is for my home. My home that houses two boys that have pulled the current towel rack out of the wall because it was not strong enough to support them. Our home also serves as a temporary home for grandparents that need assistance stepping over the tub wall to get into the shower. This is an easy upgrade to your bathroom or if you are doing a remodel, why not consider other multifunctional hardware pieces? This towel "rack" will serve double duty. That, my friends, is Universal Design to the core. Beautiful design that functions for EVERYONE! Does your home serve double duty? Do you or a loved one want to make your home function better while keeping style in mind? We can help! Call us today at (980) 220-8821 or visit our website at

#7 A Luxurious Throw Blanket As you age, your metabolic rate naturally decreases which means that it may be harder to maintain a "normal" body temperature. Low body fat and slower circulation can also cause you to feel cold. Why not pamper your loved one with a beautiful, luxurious throw blanket to help keep them warm during the winter months? These gorgeous throw blankets were being sold at Anthropologie. Do you have a favorite throw blanket for movie nights at home?

#8 Gardening Supplies Even in the wintertime, it is important to get outside for fresh air and sunshine if possible. Some new gardening gloves, tools, or even a new birdfeeder may help your loved one reap the benefits of some outside time. Gardening is great exercise, provides some additional vitamin D which improves your mood and health. Gardening may also help reduce the risk of dementia. Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine has also been shown to reduce stress. Even if it is too cold now, the supplies will be there for that first warm day. If hand strength is a concern, there are gardening tools available on Amazon or at Lowes that are specifically designed to meet that need.

#9 Nightlights and Smart Lighting Nightlights have come a long way in recent years, and they are not just for kid's rooms anymore. Lighting up the pathway to the kitchen and bathroom can help people of all ages avoid falls during the night. Nightlights come in all shapes and styles now from your traditional nightlight to rope lights, to LED, motion sensing, and light sensing. If you are a smart tech fan there are even smart night lights that can be programmed. They make a great stocking stuffer for older adults, teens, or anyone looking for a little extra style for their late-night trips to the fridge or bathroom. I found this selection at Lowes, but Amazon carries a huge assortment as well.

#10 A Robot Vacuum Do any of us really enjoy cleaning? Personally, I love it when my house is clean, but I do not love the cleaning process. For older adults, traditional vacuum cleaners can be bulky, heavy, and difficult to maneuver leading to sore backs and muscles. The gift of a robotic vacuum allows them (and anyone) to keep their home clean while reducing the risk of injury as well as keeping their independence. This time of year, you can usually find some great deals at your local hardware store and online. Many of them are programmable as well so you can set it and forget it. It's like you are giving the gift of time to your loved one.

#11 Word Searches and Crossword Puzzles Crosswords and other puzzle-solving games have so many benefits for everyone. Not only do they help keep your mind fit, but they can also reduce stress, promote mindfulness as well as maintain and even improve cognitive abilities. Help keep your loved one's mind sharp this holiday season. Barnes & Noble carries an array of different puzzles, and some are even offered in large print for everyone on your holiday gift list!

#12 Alexa Show We LOVE our Alexa show. We purchased one for us as well as one for my mother-in-law in New York. Since we both have one, we can "drop in" on each other whenever we want to chat or just check in with each other. It is not easy being so far away from your family, but this helps keep us connected. Also, since it is voice-activated it can be helpful in the event of a fall or other emergency when you cannot get to your phone. They come in multiple sizes and price points from Amazon. If you are a caregiver for a family member or an older adult that would like more information on how to successfully age in place call us today at (980)220-8821 or visit our website at Happy Holidays!

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